27 Aug 2013


Added a popup Calendar to date issued field in detail area

Made all table content centred aligned by default. Previously only the popup menu columns were centred. Added a new preference pane to allow the columns to be aligned left, centre or right.

Added contextual menu to table on album creation window.

Renamed "Delete Selected Stamp" button to "Remove Selected Stamp" on the album creation window because the stamp is not deleted from the database but only removed from the album creation window.

Added two new tabs to the preferences window:-

  1. To allow customising of some attributes of the main table.
  2. To allow the currency labels to be inside or outside the prices edit fields.


Fixed a bug where the "Edit Selected Stamp" button on the album creation page remained enabled when no stamp was selected.

Fixed a bug where the "Get an Image" and the "Scan an Image" context menus of the table on the main window were enabled when no stamp was selected.

The edit fields for the prices have been altered to the Apple default style for currencies due to those currencies with more than one character in their symbol causing problems in the original edit fields. A new tab has been added to the preferences window to allow changes to be made to where the currency symbol appears.


19 Aug 2013

The first public release of the program